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Welcome to Pure Image  domestic and commercial cleaning services.


We provide several services under the Pure Image House Keeping banner which can be opted into. Prices will be discussed at initial consultation.

How It Works

All our cleaners are part time and employed by us. They will be fully trained and spend time with other experienced cleaners. Before cleaning commences you will get to meet or speak with your cleaner and they will be given a rundown of what your needs are.

What We Ask of You

We are proud to offer a cleaner who comes well trained, but also with an ongoing commitment to training on our part. If you have requested an ongoing service, we do ask that a cleaner is hired for a minimum 2-month period. After this initial period, the contract will go onto a rolling month.

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Domestic House Clean

Silver Home Clean

This would include wiping/dusting, sweeping mopping hoovering all nominated areas and cleaning bathrooms suites (using your own products).

Gold Home Clean

As Silver but would include changing and remaking beds, washing dishes/ loading dishwasher changing toilet rolls and towels etc

Platinum Home Clean (Full Housekeeping)

As Gold clean however we will include services which are more conducive to actual full House Keeping.

Friendship / Buddy Service

Our silver home clean plus added shopping services or simply sitting with client for company.


Need some ironing done? We will happily carry this out while we are at your property doing any one of our cleans. Please bear in mind this may be in addition to cleaning and will take extra time unless you have it as part of your 2-hour clean. At present we do not take ironing away from the premises.

Oven Clean

Don’t forget your oven… we often let this one slip! If you’d like us to do this, we can add this on to a clean or as a separate visit.

Jet Wash

Fed up with looking out in your garden and eyeballing that nasty, slippery algae that’s building up? Maybe you just want it to look fresh and new again. It really does look amazing when it’s done, plus it’s safer if you must head out there in the Autumn and Winter.

Minimum Price on this service as some visits may only take 1 hour or less to complete.

Specialist Services

There are several services that we provide that are of a specialist nature.

Antiviral Sanitation (Fogging and Misting) | Domestic and Commercial

Since the emergence of the Covid 19 Virus this has caused everyone to think about the way homes and premises can be cleaned/sanitised whether it is an outbreak that has taken place in the home or an office, shop school or church… the list is endless.

Fogging and/or misting is a term many are now becoming more familiar with.

Here is a brief overview…

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Fogging and Misting


Generally used for space and areas large and small. The antiviral droplets are dispensed slightly larger than misting and most spaces can be used again within a few hours (max 6) of being fogged.


Commonly used for surfaces rather than “areas” this is an exceptionally fine antiviral mist that is very direct and can be achieved by controlling the dispensability from the machine that we use. Rooms can be used again faster with misting than with fogging.

We do not recommend fogging or misting on any electrical items. These areas can be deep cleaned using other techniques which are safer and will still be sanitised.

Contact us for more information on this service.

De - Clutter

One of our favourite things to do! Who does not love a good clear out and you don’t need to be moving to a new house to do it! Honestly, we believe its life changing. Our home is our sanctuary and when things are tidy and have a place all is well….

Home Staging

Home staging is the preparation of a private residence for sale or other purposes. It has become a “must do” in recent years for sellers in such a competitive market. If you find that you are considering moving to pastures new, then our 20 years’ experience in selling/renting and renovating property will come in handy for a consultation to get the best out of your space. Home staging prices vary widely because every home is different, however, for a set price we will come to your home and provide you with a full run down of what you personally can do to enormously improve your chances of selling your home.

If you would like us to fully stage it for you then we will even do that. (Extra cost) Some 77% of buyers agents say home staging makes it easier for prospective buyers to visualize the property as a future home (26th Oct 2019 Investopedia ). We can help and have helped hundreds of people already do this.

Builders Clean

Have you recently had work done at your property, big or small? The cleaning after these kinds of jobs can be particularly challenging with black mortar, sawdust, dust, and plaster etc. The best time we feel to do it is about a week after everything has settled and the builders have gone and carried out their standard clean. Having been in the property and building trade for the past 20 years and providing after cleans we can assure you there will not be a trace of any of those nasties.

Commercial Premises Clean

This includes standard cleaning of offices, cafes, and shops of small to medium businesses.

End of Lets (Landlords, Estate Agents, or Management Consultants)

Tenants moving in or out? We specialise in cleaning of multiple occupancy properties as well as standard homes and blocks of flats, including all shared areas.


" Wonderful and professional people who always do a fantastic job with our home. Excellent at communicating for arrival times and the standard of their work is top class. Takes a huge weight off my shoulders every week and I finally feel in control of my home with their help! Highly recommend them! Thank you! " - E Meecham

" Pure Image came in Well organised, professional, timely - they did a deep clean of my house and I couldn't of wanted it done any better, they are well mannered and provide an excellent and reliable service that is reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend Pure Image Group to anyone I know and will be recommending them every chance I get. They worked really hard to get my new house clean and will be using them again in future. " - Mr C T

" So pleased with your wonderful service. The jet washed patio looks amazing and everything was left tidy and neater than you found it! Thank you so much. " - C Aspinal

" The ladies did a great job, they were friendly, polite and professional. We had a deep clean and oven clean. My oven is shining, and the house looked and smelt so fresh and clean. Many thanks. " - B Whiteway

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Who We Are

Pure Image provides high-quality services from domestic cleaning, home staging, specialist services and commercial contract cleaning.

The business is founded on 20 years' experience in Estate Agency, Property Renovations, Domestic Cleaning and Customer Service so you can be assured we can provide you with plenty of experience for the tasks in hand. Our aim is to provide a “one stop" for all of your Home, Business and Commercial Service needs.

You are provided with not just a visual and sensory experience in your premises but an experience with us personally. We are approachable, friendly and our aim is to provide peace of mind. We know it can be kind of a big deal allowing us to be in your home, office, church, school etc.

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